Next Generation Healthcare Management Information System

Lonius is a modern, easy-to-use, business management system used by more than three thousand enterprises. Lonius provides you with everything you need to steamline your healthcare business.

Everything Included

Lonius, based on ERPNext, includes all modules and integrations out of the box for you to get started immediately

Patient care with appointments, visits, consultation, radiology and lab reports.
Personal Health Records
Provision of patient portal with capability to book appointments, track own lab results and more.
Financial Accounting
The heart of your business, everything flows through here.
Manage students, classes, attendance, timetables, grades and fees.
Everything about your customers, stay in touch and keep them updated.
What goes in, what comes out and where you can find it.
Closing a deal and ensuring that it is successfully fulfilled.
Purchasing/Supply Chain
Keep track of purchases and stay on top of costs and budgets.
Manage teams with multiple tasks, track time and costs.
Website listings, shopping cart, billing, payments and much more.
Fully featured content management with blogs, web pages and forms.
Email integrated ticketing system with threaded replies and assignments.

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